Lock Em' Up,An' Throw 'Way The Key!!!

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Lock Em' Up,An' Throw 'Way The Key!!!

Postby AmyTee » Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:28 pm

>) :)) That's exactly what Lily needs to do to BOTH DRU AND NEIL....they definitely both need to grow up and make a decision what they're going to do about their marriage...if they could just sit down and talk,which they'll never do-NEIL'S so far up CARMEN'S YOU KNOW WHAT he can't see straight,and DRU obviously is going to fight for her man no matter what it takes....Maybe lily could lock them from the outside of one of the offices late at night,stating she needed to talk with them-and have the locks changed,so that you could only lock the door from the outside....they'd be stuck together for the weekend!!!Even Lily,as young as she is in her marriage is willing to make a go at hers,so why can't they try?Neil really did love her before,and he needs to get over himself and at least talk with his wife,not at her.

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Re: Lock Em' Up,An' Throw 'Way The Key!!!

Postby Chrissi » Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:35 pm

Eeek! I'd be afraid they'd kill each other!! :-) Cool idea though. I'd love to see Dru get all spicy on Neil!

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Re: Lock Em' Up,An' Throw 'Way The Key!!!

Postby Geeh » Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:47 pm

Well, I think Neil is reacting how many of us would. I mean she just didn't tell him that she had an affair on him.... BUT was so very sorry... I mean come on she told him that his daughter of 18 yrs is not his... Not only his but his brothers child. I can see were Neil is hurt and mad.... There are emotions we all go thru when we have been betrayed and depending on how bad it is will dtermine how we take hold of things. I think Neil is on the turn around. As we all know.... The other day he told Carmen that he can't just have a casual affair... He is committed to his marraige. Now, I will say Neil's has been funky towards Dru... Even if she has tried her best to make things BETTER... BUT let's face it that was a really big BLOW. That would be like your mother or father comeing to you after 18 yrs and saying well I had an affair on your mother/father and they aren't really your mother/father... Uncle Joe/Aunt Lynn is your mother/father... come on you would be mad and hurt confussed and everything else... SO I can see why Neil has been acting a fool... BUT it is time to stop and make some change.

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Re: Lock Em' Up,An' Throw 'Way The Key!!!

Postby y.nr » Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:25 pm

The horrible thing about the Dru / Neil story line, is that.. Dru is made to look like some type of tramp.. She was taken advantage of... What happened to her was no different that when someone takes advantage of a person while using that date rape drug.. Dru & Olivia both when they figured out what had happened, thought it best for Dru to keep it hushed FOR THE SAKE OF THE FAMILY" (which no one should EVER do)... Because of all that, now she is being treated very poorly.. the writers ought to be ashamed of how they are portraying Dru's character.

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