Peer Pressure and Impressions

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Peer Pressure and Impressions

Postby twocentsworth » Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:36 pm

A huge part of teen angst problems and trials and tribulations is caused by peer pressure...

When (the aged) Noah left camp, he hitch-hiked home 8) and shortly after that, he was entertaining some friends by Victor's pool and got in his mini frig of liquor (was that Sam???? lol)...

And then he meets Eden...the first love interest for him...they (the first Eden in the role then) end up at the warehouse dance where they said parents would chaperone (didn't) and drank (Eden got wasted...guess she could never touch the "funny brownies" at the Ashram, or maybe that WAS where her problem started, lol)... 3)

Since Eden lead a "sheltered" life ~)she felt the need for attention and "adventure" on what she'd missed out on so far in her young teen life...the kids of GC didn't understand her, but she found a friend in Noah...they went on the school trip to Paris together and left the chaperoned adults to visit a graveyard and ended up in a scuffle with locals only to have Noah arrested...

Some of the "nose in the air" girls in GC convinced Eden of a non-existent skate party in the boonies (cause they don't like her, cause she's different)...she took liquor from her brother Michael's place to try to "impress" Noah with her "rebellionness" (I'll call it that)...she wants so much to "fit in" to hold onto something, someone -- Noah, that she'll try anything...especially since her dad, River left town and her life has been one big lie...

Alas, Eden and Noah are like Romeo and Juliet of Y&R...something more tragic still may happen yet... %(

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Re: Peer Pressure and Impressions

Postby soapoperapimp » Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:49 am

i think that eden and abby will go at eachother as even as the other!

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