Theory on how the "door was left open" for Brad to return!

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Re: Theory on how the

Postby twocentsworth » Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:40 am

Quote crazy4GSXR:
Quote twocentsworth: Since it was a Jewish ceremony and the body was to be buried within 24 hrs (tradition/custom), it seemed rushed...we saw him frozen in the lake...but, did we see his body outside of the lake? No, we didn't...did we see his body in a casket? No, we didn't...did we see the grave being unearthed and the casket with Brad's body being lowered down into it? No, we didn't...

He was frozen in the lake, there's a chance or possibility that the frozen body was somehow perserved somwhere and NO ONE was buried in the casket in the grave! Someone could revive him, very slowly, under controlled conditions (like I've seen in movies) where the body temperature lowers so much, all the organs just sort of go into hybernation state and don't fail...Brad was a healthy, strong man, a Navy Seal, he just got frozen, not shot, not stabbed, not strangled...I don't think he died of drowning, it was that his body was me crazy, it's just a theory, but it could leave the door open for a future story where he returns, in one piece, healthy again...(maybe he'll renegotiate his contract and they'll bring him back!)...wishful thinking and guess I've watched too many sci-fi flicks! :))

God Love you I hope so...CHEERS TO BRAD"S return

Until they show his ghost (we've seen so many: Cassie, Sabrina, John)...I won't believe Brad is really dead, buried and gone!

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Re: Theory on how the

Postby 12guineapigs » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:02 am

I think he is dead, which I hate. If they write anyone else in as Brad, that is a travesty. I am not a big Brad fan (although I appreciate how easy he is one the eyes and the drama he brought to the show), but DD is definitely the ONLY Brad. Accept no substitutions.

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