Attack The Jack!!!!!

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Attack The Jack!!!!!

Postby AmyTee » Sat Sep 09, 2006 2:07 pm

>) I feel so bad for Gloria...She just lost her husband,and,as wicked as she has been in the past,she is human,and does have rights too...Ashley has really turned into a total witch,and I did like her before...come on guys and girls,fair is fair...I know it'll come back to bite him-he'll be so guilt ridden,he'll have a heart attack,land in the hospital and Gloria will visit him...she'll say 'It's what John would have wanted...or he'll get in a bad accident and,while in a coma,he'll mutter something to his father-obviously not being in his right mind...then,it'll cut to Sharon and Phyl running to be by his bedside(it wasen't NIC'S KID AFTER ALL-HE MESSED WITH THE TEST!!HE WANTED ANOTHER BABY SO BAD,AND HE SAW HIS CHANCE-HE ALREADY KNEW PHYL WAS PREGO!(FAR FETCHED,DO YOU THINK?)

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