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Re: Lily and Cane Fans (No Bash)

Postby MsSuperSuds » Tue May 24, 2016 3:03 pm

Shalaydra, t'would be delightful to see Hilary torture Neil & Devon; but they don't attract viewers. So Pratt always manages to throw Lily and/or Cane into the midst of their mess AND thus inflicts the worst kind of injuries to them instead of Neil & Devon. Hilary came to town to seek revenge from Neil but she spent the most time damaging LANE b/c LANE has an audience who wants to see them. That's the biggest reason why I want her to move on. I want to see LANE--not Hilary's scheming, manipulating, backstabbing, power hungry, ego-tripping shenanigans. Let Hilary stand on her own two feet or dirty deeds.

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