Soap Net: Abbott family Regrouping

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Soap Net: Abbott family Regrouping

Postby restless inside » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:48 am

Last night I caught liam on soapnet. I think they have a winner with him. This may just be THE BILLY Abbott. I see this developement and Ashley's return as a sign the Abbott family is being reconstructed ;) River is also a major plus to the show in my view ;) Billy looks a lot like the old Jack, Terry Lester, was it ~) I wonder how the new direction of the show will turn, in the next few months 8) I am liking what I see, mostly :] If the writers can get off the "money" storylines I feel that would help quite a lot. Who cares about the Millions or Billions :0 We want a story with depth.

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