"Young" Kate = "Restless" Chloe

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"Young" Kate = "Restless" Chloe

Postby twocentsworth » Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:49 pm

No wonder Jill didn't recognize her...she told Katherine that when Kate was young, she was blond, had braces, wore glasses and was 30 lbs over weight...now the person they see before them: Chloe is done a major overhaul: short darker hair, no glasses, straight teeth, very slim...oh that's right that will change in a few more months...now it makes sense how she picked on Lily for overeating, in her opinion...but she was out to make a name for herself despite her despising her own mother Esther and now today, she moves into the Chanellor Estate...this should be good...

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