Come on Sharon don't back down!

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Come on Sharon don't back down!

Postby sarasecret007 » Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:40 pm

I finally think Sharon is starting to wake up. We all know that the chemistry between Sharon and Nick is awesome. This may sound bias because, I am a huge Sharon and Nick fan. It's really not that at all. We have been starving for a relationship to spark with Phick/Shick/ and whoever comes along just to keep us watching. Let's face it this is what is missing on this show. I'm just not happy with the way Phyllis seems so be so selfish when it comes to Nick. They always show Phyllis in the background watching Sharon like a hawk. If Phyllis is so confident in her marriage then why does she always try to out power Sharon? Why can't Phyllis just stand by her man and be confident. Agreeing with Jack after Phyllis just ripped him apart with Sharon in that article is psycho. It just proves a point that Sharon is the better person and thinks of others before herself.

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