The Young and the Restless Family Trees - Abbott

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The Young and the Restless Family Trees - Abbott

Postby Shauna19082 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:05 pm

m. Married
e. Engaged
c. Child
s. Child by Sperm Theft
a. Affair
r. Rape

John Abbott (Deceased)

a. Katherine Chancellor
m. Dina unknown maiden name (Divorced)
c. John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
a. Diane Jenkins
c. Kyle Jenkins
by sperm theft
m. Patty Williams (Divorced)
Paul's sister, Daughter of
Carl and Mary Williams
a. Gina Roma
a. Lauren Fenmore
a. Jill Foster Abbott
m. Lindsey Wells (Illegal)
m. Nikki Reed Newman (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
c. John Abbott III (Deceased)
a. Mary Jo Mason
m. Luan "Mai Yun" Volien (Deceased)
c. Keemo Nguyen Volien Abbott
m. [unknown man]
c. Mai Volien
m. Phyllis Summers (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
m. Danny Romalotti (Divorced)
a. Brian Hamilton
c.. Daniel Romalotti Jr.
m. Lily Winters (divorced)
m. Nicholas Christian Newman
c. Summer Ann Newman
a. Carmen Mesta (Deceased)
a/m. Sharon Collins Newman
c. Cassidy Ann Johnson (Deceased)
m. Nicholas Christian Newman
c. Noah Newman
c. Traci Ann Abbott Connelly
a. Tim Sullivan
c. miscarriage
m. Danny Romalotti (Annulled)
m. Bradley "Brad" Carlton (Divorced twice)
c. miscarriage
c. miscarriage
c. Colleen Cecile Carlton
m. Lisa Mansfield (Annulled)
m. Cassandra Hall Rawlins (Deceased)
m. Ashley Suzanne Abbott (divorced)
m. Victoria Newman (divorced)
a. Sharon Newman
m. Steve Connelly
a. Brent Davis (Deceased)
c. Ashley Suzanne Abbott
m. Dr. Steven Lassiter (Deceased)
m. Victor Christian Newman (Divorced)
c. aborted baby
s. Abigail "Abby" Abbott Carlton
m. Alex "Blade" Bladeson (Deceased)
Twin brother to Rick Bladeson
m. Cole Howard (Divorced)
Son of Rick Daros & Eve Howard
m. Bradley "Brad" Carlton (Divorced)
c. Robert Carlton (Deceased)
m. Unknown 1st name DelGado
c. Raphael DelGado
His son from prior marriage
m. Unknown 1st name Mergeron
c. Marc Mergeron
His son from prior marriage

m. Jill Foster (Divorced twice)
c. William "Billy" Foster Abbott
m. MacKenzie Browning (Annulled)
a. Phillip Chancellor II (Deceased)
c. Phillip Chancellor III (Deceased)
Turned out to have been switched baby, not her son
m. Nina Webster
c. Phillip Chancellor IV
a. Unknown man
c. Son; Name Unknown
Kidnapped at birth
m. David Kimble (Deceased)
m. Ryan McNeil (Divorced) (Deceased)
c. Cane Ashby
Turned out to have been switched baby, her true son
m. Amber Moore (illegal)
a. Lily Winters
m. Brock Reynolds (Illegal) (Years later found to be 1/2 brother)
Son of Katherine Chancellor
m. Derek Thurston (Annulled)
m. Stuart Brooks (Divorced) (Deceased)
a. Jack Abbott

m. Jessica Blair (Divorced) (Deceased)
m. Dr. James "Jim" Richard Grainger
c. Christine "Cricket" Blair
by previous affair with Jessica
m. Danny Romalotti (Divorced)
m. Paul Williams (Divorced)
a./e.. Michael Baldwin (Engagement broken)
m. Unknown name (Deceased)
c. Scott Grainger (Deceased)
m. Lauren Fenmore
c. a.Scott "Scotty" Grainger Jr.
m. Sheila Carter (Divorced)
m. Gloria Fisher
m. Lowell Baldwin
c. Michael Baldwin
m. Lauren Fenmore
c. Fenmore "Fen" Baldwin
m. Tom Fisher (Deceased)
c. Kevin Fisher

Former Abbott Maid: Mamie Johnson
Abbott Maid/Billy's Former Nanny: Mrs. Martinez
John's Former Secretary: Audrey North
Jack's Former Secretary: Carol Robbins Evans

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Re: The Young and the Restless Family Trees - Abbott

Postby bubble303 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:15 am

Dang, that's a lotta 8) people

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