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Postby Delilah127 » Mon May 12, 2008 7:37 pm

Quote Allspice:
Quote Delilah127: Yes one wonders about those sources. I've seen this very topic about 'sources' being discussed on another board.

I saw a discussion on another board this morning where a poster said they were going to contact YR about this. Perhaps they have an inside leak and don't know ;)

I've certainly seen this poster insist her "sources" are pretty much the be on and end all of the inside soap track. If she truly does have some inside info she tends to spout it out and about toooooooo much. Not terribly professional the way she comes across. She also says she has to be careful, but she's maybe not careful enough.
So if she does have the correct "source" then maybe Nick will remember Cassie's death as she says.

Yup and that's going to get this person in some big trouble ;). Loose lips sink ships is very true and I think this one is going to sink soon. ;).

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