Spoilers: Previews for 05/01/08

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Re: Spoilers: Previews for 05/01/08

Postby SHAWTY777 » Thu May 01, 2008 12:24 am

Quote valencia4love: HI Everybody!! Here are the Previews for 05/01/08:

At the AC - Gloria doesnt buy Wally BS about Jeffy's moving in with Jill!! But when Wally swears that he saw the creep with his own eyes - Gloria spats - I'll get even with that SOB >( !!

At the Abbott Manor - Sharon tells Jack that she couldnt leave the magazine fast enough. She admits that he made her sick to her stomach waiting Nick and Phyllis play their treasure hunt game to celebrate their anniversay :( . Jack says he too felt the punch in his gut ;( !! Jack then suggest that they stay home and have their own celebration !) !! Sharon is in :) !!

Cane tells Lily that she needs to mourn the loss of her baby *) . Lily thinks otherwise and starts modelling again ASAP!!

Victoria and Adam continue their sparing match at NE!! Adam smirks to big sis that she can't handle competition :0 !! Victoria smirks right back that she's outlasted better than him!! Adam scoffs - who Nick ~) !! He's not even in your league!!

Neil warns Victor that if he continues with this, he just may very well lose his daugther :| !!

At Jill's - Jeffy answer the door to Gloria. She apparently was stopping by to drop off some papers for Jill. When ask what he's doing there, Jeffy smirks that Jill is attending to his every need :D !! Pretending to care less - Gloria smirks that Jill has a history for picking up strays and deserves everything that she's going to get from him >) !!


Paul: You want to join me until David gets here?
Nikki: David's busy. I'm on my own tonight.

The scene at Brad's place: David, Skye and others are all around the table playing poker.

Celebrating their wedding anniversary, a country singer says to Nick and Phyllis, "Happy Anniversary"!!

!) WOW, do you think the writer's are going back to the history of (Nikki an Paul)..Rememeber they were real hot together back when Paul an Andy were private eyes..An isn't Nikkie's sister coming to the show soon?..(I think that i read that somewhere...) ;)

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