Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby Pporter » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:27 pm

Quote mdtuttle:
Quote Pinkette: Wow, I can't believe Amber just lost it at work today. She shouted out that "we should have never had sex". Man oh man would I have fired her immediately. But that's just me.

I can't believe I am defending Amber, but right is right and this time I am on her side. She was working, trying to do her job. She has also been thinking a lot about their relationship lately. She has been thinking about her past mistakes and wondering if Daniel is "the one" She has tried to express these thoughts to him and he just acts like the don'e matter.

Add to that that he comes in a treats her like, to use Amber's phrase a vending machine. With not only no regaurd for the fact that they were at work and in full view of his mother, Sharon and several other employees. He completly ignored Amber's request for him to knock it off. This to me showed a complete and total lack of respect. I don't blame Amber a bit for telling him off!

I have to say this. If Amber would grow up and act like a lady and wait on the sex, maybe men wouldn't just see her as a VENDING machine. She isn't anyone that I would want my son to bring home. I would have to spray my whole house down with Lysol...because you know she is burning. (STD) Amber was a Wh0r3 on the bold and the beautiful and she is one here. Men give women what they want only if the woman demands respect. Keep your pants on and don't have sex with each and every man you encounter or this is what you get....Sex and no respect. She ran after Adrien, she tricked Cane and now she thinks she wants Daniel forever....

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby Lilamoor » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:34 pm

Quote Soulsistah: I hate when guys treat women like their play toys - it's the endearing reason I don't like Cane; I won't forget how he used her the way he did that last time (yes, defending Amber here 8) 8) 8) ). Sorry, that just crosses a line in my book in the battle of the sexes. Ok, ok, don't want to rehash that here.

But Daniel is treating Amber the same way apparently, and she doesn't like it anymore. I get that. I agree with that (I would have blackened both Porniel's eyes if had tried that garbage on me at the office! >( ). But Amber now wants to redefine their relationship and those weren't not the rules they mutally agreed to at the outset, hence Porno-boy doesn't get it. ~)

Read through the thread, the posts that defended Amber I agree with, This one is the best. Amber could be growing up. She may have to leave Daniel behind, unless he begins to grow up too.
The personal relationship should be left outside the office. Professionalism with all of the Restless Style group seems to be lacking.

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby Allspice » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:36 pm

Quote pinetree: Phyllis wants to be the big boss at R.S., the first thing she should do is teach her porn boy son how to behave in an office setting. I am no fan of Amber, but at least she was trying to do her job and Daniel was all over her. Grow up Daniel ~)

:-) :-) Complete agreement with every point you make! :-)

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby alison stewart » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:45 pm

amber obviously loves daniel, and he loves her back, theyre the most cutest hottest couple mnow on the young and the restless, in my opinion. did you guuys see how in todays show she asked daniel to move in with him? omg, i really hope she says yes ps. i love danber

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby colormebadd » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:28 pm

He's just treating her like the tramp she is or was. I mean lets be serious no guy is gonna respect a gal if she e-mails her breast to his cell phone while he's still married to someone else or knows that she married Cane because she knew he was a Chancellor. There are so many things that Daniel will have to put behind him if he is to take Amber seriously. Phillis just sat there because she doesn't know any better as well. A good mother would have pulled her son aside and explained to him how he should treat a lady and behave in the work place but how could she when she's no better than her own son cut from the same cloth is all I have to say.

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Re: Amber's Blow-Up at Daniel At Work Was Inappropriate

Postby SusanF » Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:26 pm

Inappropriate has always been her middle name, going all the way back to the B&B days when she marries a 16 year old for the money and status. Perhaps she is getting her act together but I am not holding my breath.

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