Dina’s gift doesn’t make sense

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Re: Dina’s gift doesn’t make sense

Postby Elba » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:38 pm

I beg to differ....to all the posters that say DINA is crazy....Dina has an illness...Alzheimer's. She is not"crazy". She does things that are a part of the illness...moments or times of being lucid and times of not being lucid until the illness progresses to the point that she can do nothing for herself....not eat, not bathe. not talk, ....nothing. At this point, she would need care round the clock by family or health aides to keep her clean and nourished. That's about it, at the moment, there is nothing that can cure this illness. There are some medicines that will helps stop the illness from progressing so quickly but it only works on some patients. The patient does not know what is going on.....the ones who suffer most are their loved ones. Alzheimer's causes family feuds, divorces, unhappiness to many family members who try to help and "keep Mom home for as long as possible"..it is very sad.
Believe me, I know as I have cared for many family members and patients with ALZ. There have been cases of ALZ starting in patients as young as 38 years old! Do the research! Dina is not crazy...she has a specific illness. Just venting LOL LOL Elba :( :(

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Re: Dina’s gift doesn’t make sense

Postby nytwhatevr » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:05 pm

I am assuming some have seen the episode that we on the East Coast will not see till tomorrow, since I didn't see anything about what the document in the safe is. Only the safe being opened--and the preview of shocked looks and Kyle trying to shred it.
So, all I can comment on is that Dina was insistent that this thing would prove she was a good mother. I don't know what it is and I don't care what it is. It still won't show that Dina was a good mother. She divorced John--and that's fine. But she took off on her kids---made no effort to see them. Whatever is stashed in the safe can not make up for that. Unless it was some kind of document John had prepared banning Dina from ever seeing the kids, threatening her with something that would hurt them--and that would not be in his character at all. He would never prevent her from being in the kids' lives.

Oh and another thing that made no sense. When the Jabot office was renovated----WHY would anyone build a wall covering up a safe? Now, if Kyle had found some hidden switch and the panel slid to the side revealing the safe---that would be plausible. But he had to pry off the panel. Dumb writing again!!!

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