Wrapping up Storylines.

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Wrapping up Storylines.

Postby Blondie69 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:17 pm

I hate the Summer/Billy storyline too but instead of writing these storylines that are "Out there, I would like to see more storylines that tie up old storylines. For instance maybe we could find out what drove Phyllis when she was Summer's age to be so obsessive with Danny Romoalotti and why she hated her own mother. Let's face it daytime soaps are going to end soon and those that hang on have been watching for most of their lives. There are some storylines that should be left alone (Jack Abbott, they need to find he and Ashley are really John's children without any question--or at least Jack --unless Murphy is his father, that I wouldn't mind). I would love to see Dru come back but with another actress. And though it won't happen, I wish Ashley would find her "one and only" and even without Dr. Neville coming back, it could be Dr. Neville. Ashley and Neil are friends and there has never been real chemistry with them. I am hoping Summer finding out that her mom and dad "hooking up" makes her realize you can't play with people's lives. I hope she rethinks breaking up Billy and Phyllis. Bul like I said I am more interested in Phyllis' background, that would be a whole storyline.

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