Friday show *SPOILERS*

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Friday show *SPOILERS*

Postby georgygirl222 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:12 pm

That miserable weasel Graham died ! They said they couldn't revive him. Trust that miserable rat to take the easy way out. :evil:

It was sad/funny to see Dina make her way to the police station to hand herself in for the murder of Brent Davis! Jack and Ash found her there and Paul puffed himself up with importance and started saying things to Ash that indicated he thought she was the prime suspect in what he is considering a murder investigation. I love Paul but there are times I want to knock his head against a wall to see if I can jiggle any brain cells. :roll:

Jack gets a call from the hospital and all of them trooped over there. The doctor wanted permission to turn off Graham's life support. Dina as next of kin agreed.

Tessa played her song for Devon and he liked it...guess her being exposed for the filthy thief she is will be the next epi. Meanwhile Mariah is frantically searching CL for the journal and she is heartsick at the thought that someone is reading her private thoughts...damn that nasty piece of work Tessa. :evil:

Hilary wants a baby, without a father in the picture, as she said to Phyllis. I could have swatted Hilary for carting Sam out of the house to CL without Esther's knowledge. She was all :roll: when Esther rang her frantically asking where Sam was. She didn't understand what she did was so wrong, or that Esther had every right to be angry...great mother she will make if she can't even grasp the basics. :roll:

Half the show was Lane repeating the same words (with a lot of flashbacks) we have been hearing for may want to FF those bits because nothing new was said.

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