Plan out 2008 for your favorite character...

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Plan out 2008 for your favorite character...

Postby olderthandirt » Fri Feb 15, 2008 3:02 am

Mrs. Chancellor would over-ride Nikki and fire David before he embezzels CI money for his debt(s).

Mrs. C would get it thru Nikki's head that she does not need a man to help her or validate her, she should prove Vic wrong by successfully running Jabot w/o David.

Mrs. Chancellor would write a scathing scandel rag novella of her life that would stir up even her own pals, sharing her sordid and I love lucy style history with us thru memories.

Along the way a new love would come along for her.

Mrs. C would suddenly realize that she did not steal Jill's baby it was an alcoholic DT and Cane is a bad con pulling one over on all of them by fiddling with the DNA tests.

This would erupt tensions with Jill who is now attached to Cane. Also this realization from Mrs. C would explain that Cane does not hate Amber, he is threatened by the fact that Amber pulled a con on Cane the great Con and thus distance is imperative so that Amber doesn't figure him out!

That is what I would write into Mrs. C 2008 future.

What would you write for your fav character in 2008?

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