What's up with the people in this show?

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What's up with the people in this show?

Postby Angiebg » Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:49 pm

The people in the show are really getting to me. I can't stand all the couples they have but for Michael and Lauren :-) , Nikki and Clark, Who I can already tell they are turning into a bad guy just so that Victor can swoop in and save the day right after he treated her so badly in the first place >( .

And I wish someone would put Gloria in the lowest cell of the dingiest prison there is. She gets away with killing someone and finds a way in her head to blame it on Jack, and then acts like she deservse all his money and his house. She marries two rich guys, lies to them both %( , and everyone in her family knows she's a murderer but no one says anything. 8)

I saw an earlier poster write that they couldn't understand why Michael and Lauren would put up with that when it puts their own child in danger of growing up without parents if anyone were to find out and convict them, I agree whole heartedly. She ruins the show for me because she things she's so smart when she's just a nobody who marries for money all the time :0 .

I love Jeffery Bardwell for blackmailing her. Hope she gets what she deserves, which is nothing :)

P.S. I hope Victor goes to jail for murder ;)

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Re: What's up with the people in this show?

Postby Ebybrowempoly » Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:56 pm

i am there with you all the way.down with gloria

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