over the top with Kelly??????????????????

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over the top with Kelly??????????????????

Postby chillepepper » Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:10 pm

Don't get this Kelly character at all, she is way over the top, I think that she is lying about she and this Stitch guy being siblings,when they were first shown it was insinuated that they were once lovers that's why her marriage ended,now they are siblings,really really writers need to stay on track. I'm not sure how I feel about Jack and Kelly as a couple,especially since Jack begged Phyllis to except the ring and marry him,now it is like Phylliss Who? The writers are really way out of the ballpark with these sls. As far as Dr Stitch goes he can leave now,I liked at first but then the writers has to ruin him,the only new guy I like is Dylan and he is starting to annoy me now. Can't we have a little happiness? Ever since they killed off Delia the show has been like a big nightmare. Is the rumor true that JFP was fired and MTS's hubby is taking over as EP, I hope so because this lady has completely ruined this show. All these newbies and firings is stupid. Please say that we well get better writers also,because they stink too. JMO

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