I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

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Re: I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

Postby BaconWithASideOfBacon » Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:58 am

Quote CanadianFan4: Ever since I started watching Y&R in 1991, there have always been a few business s/l's featured. Yes, there was romance, drama and heartbreak...at times even s/l's that addressed certain important topics like Drinking and Driving etc.. But above all, the people of GC have always been business people conducting business!! heck most of the s/l's sets were in either Jabot, NE, Fenmore boutique, or in Michael Baldwin's office to name a few.
I miss the days when storylines revolved around making an acquisition of a subsidiary, or developing a new product line or being involved in an exciting litigation. The competition between Jabot & NE and everything that came from that...
Now all we see the cast do is eating at the GCAC and CL or walking thru the park or at each other's new home's complaining about this and that. Even Lauren hasn't been in her boutique in years! All these seemingly powerful business people have been reduced to drama queens. >(

I know I'm not the only one to think that the writing is horrible...I guess JFP and company are too "simple" to write anything more elaborate than the boring garbage they serve us daily. ~)

ITA!!!..I too have been watching since the early 90's and it was way better then. I hate what they turned Victor into...he's now a PSYCHO who hires people to screw with his family members and frames people for murder. Back in the day he was all about business deals and the tension between Jabot and Newman Enterprises....now he's breaking the law just about every month..LOL
**and somehow getting away with it**
They also made him a terrible husband/father

>>>BTW how many times is he going to get lost in another town and lose his memory...while his family thinks he's dead?

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Re: I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

Postby writer2 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:32 am

Quote Ruby and Teddy: I’m glad you all brought this matter to the forefront. Some of you wrote that Victor is the only one working because we see him in his office, and you’re right but I would like to add is: the way I see it is that Victor was a CEO who turned into a Sherlock Holmes character. He doesn’t conduct any business meetings at his office, nor does he have a staff! Even the conference room disappeared. Nikki walks in the office and talks to Victor about Dylan. That’s a family situation. Dylan visits Victor in the office and they talk about Ian. Victor calls his PI from his office for investigative purposes. Victoria visits her father for the purpose of personal family matters. Even Jack visits Victor in his office for the purpose of talking about Summer – another personal family situation. All of the above and everything else has nothing to do with Newman Enterprises or Jabot. The office phone, with all its extensions, never rings – not to mention several empty file folders on Victor’s desk. There is all this talk about the Newman wealth with nothing to back it up with anymore. Unless they couldn’t afford the mortgage payments any more, the Newman home seems to be gone also. The Baldwin’s, Kevin (and Cloe), Dylan, Nick, Kelly, Tyler, Tyler’s girlfriend, Leslie, Neil, Stitch, Billy, Summer, Noah and his girlfriend don’t have homes either. Lauren doesn’t run a business any more. Gloria’s business ‘burnt’ down. Jabot is gone. Billy’s bar is gone (which I’m glad about).

These so-called ‘writers’ seem to be trainees or perhaps doing an apprenticeship. These ‘writers’ are so out of touch. This soap leaves too much to the imagination. There are so many disconnections not to mention very stale s/l. Everyone is becoming a blond, they wear peek-a-boo extensions, every dress or blouse has cutouts and that’s about it. I really don’t know why Y&R (the Yuk & the Reckless) is still on the air.

I agree with you. But do not blame the writers. It is JFP who decides what they are to write. And her lack of intelligence and insight is well known. She has killed four other soaps, as you know. If Sony and CBS do not fire her, then obviously they hired her to kill Y and R. Y and R needs a return to its roots, of boardroom deals, high finance, glamour, rivalry, and intense relationships. It is meant to be entertainment, something to enjoy after a stressful day. Right now it just adds to the stress and frustration of a day.

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Re: I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

Postby villyforever55 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:57 am

I agree with everything already stated! I could even go for some good, intense courtroom drama, a real murder mystery that actually takes place in the courtroom, so I can watch Michael Baldwin do his brilliant lawyer routine. Something, in addition to the WTD and stupid romantic triangles, is needed.

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Re: I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

Postby apple1950 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:07 am

Bonaventure is the only business link and it is so confusing I don't care about it. The writers keep adding tentacles to this storyline, not unlike Miriah, that the much contrived result is farfetched and unbleieveable.

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Re: I miss the days when Y&R had more business s/l's

Postby Galazz » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:25 pm

So do I.

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