Major Spoiler: Victoria/Brad/JT

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Re: Major Spoiler: Victoria/Brad/JT

Postby ldsangel » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:47 pm

Quote Lilika:
Quote Evsmom: That's good news! I am a little confused, though. How does she have a healthy baby boy? He's still a 22 weeker, right? Maybe they had the pregnancy dated wrong. Is the baby in NICU? Why didn't Victoria go to the loft? If the baby's not in NICU is he with JT? Do Nikki and Victor have a nurse for Victoria?

I read this spoiler on another site and it also said that in the middle of the hearing, JT, who's probably at the hospital, calls Nick to tell him that the baby has gotten worse so Victor and Nikki decide for Victoria to have a c-section before the judge decides what they should do.
I also read that the baby will have some health problems because it's so premature.

Well how long has been in the hospital for maybe the baby got stronger but the baby will still be premature and most babies are sick. For I think that JT names the baby means he is the father and I also think that he wants the baby for himself and that is why he is doing this. But it won't be long until he probably do something to be with someone else.

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