How and When will she wake up??? Your thoughts please...

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Re: How and When will she wake up??? Your thoughts please...

Postby ldsangel » Thu Nov 22, 2007 6:22 pm

Quote george: She will wake up and utter "Wow, I could have saved a bunch of money on my car insurance, by switching to Geico".

Hopefully soon, because the storyline needs to be finished, with her waking up.

I hate it. I agree that it is getting a little boring and she needs to wake up but please don't say anything about Geico. How about if they do this without getting sued because it was really cute. Have you seen Just like Heaven for JT is crying because he just got word because she is dead but they did the C-Section [which is the surgery] and Nikki is taking care of the baby for now. Until they find out who is the father and there is a reason why it is being delayed. Anyway he is alone in the loft and he turn to drinking and then he gets a sign to go to the hospital for Victoria appeared in the room and smash it against the wall and Victoria appeared and say go to the hospital or they can do it like how Lily find out with notes and the phone calls and he goes to the hospital and Victoria is still dead for it hasn't been that long. And he is so overcome with emotions that he kisses Victoria and she wakes up. Well little did JT know that Cassie appeared in a dream and told Victoria that JT is the father while secretly Brad had the DNA test done and then they trick Nikki to use some of Victoria blood or whatever of hers and it came back negative.

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