Is Austin Ian's new recruit ?

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Is Austin Ian's new recruit ?

Postby Milkshake24 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:17 pm

Summer interrupts Ian Ward and Esmeralda conversation and warns her friend to stay away from him. She goes off on Ian and asks him what happened to his other recruit did He wise up or do you only like preying on unsuspecting vulnerable woman. Since Paul was also once in the cult we know he does recruit males and females and I do believe his new recruit is a male. Austin is to have scenes with Summer and Ian would bring in someone to work Summer since his attempt was ruined. I don't think he has given up on Summer. This fake Cassie could be the girlfriend Austin mentioned. Kind of like how Paul and Nikki were recruited together. Austin is our newest recurring character that was first scene in Avery's apartment for the Cooking shoot, a perfect place for Ian to send in his charming new recruit.

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