The REAL Stitch please stand up (theory)

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The REAL Stitch please stand up (theory)

Postby Soapbaby71 » Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:52 am

First, Kelly can't stand him. She blames him for his part in something. What I learned today is that he said to Vicki, something like he could hurt her or didn't want to. Anyway, I also thought it was strange that his ex is not moving to another city or town or even state. She's leaving the country? Is this lady wealthy? What type of job does she have (doesn't really matter). I know its rambling, but what if she's not leaving cause he cheated, but b/c he's violent. Stay with me....from the beginning he knew a lot about soldiers' problems. Could he also have SPD or forgive me the true name. And, him consoling Dylan is cause he has the same thing. But, instead was violent to his kid...not his wife and that's the real reason not only for betrayal, but to protect her child from an mentally abusive father . Maybe he started out scolding the child b/c a quarter wouldn't bounce on the child's bed. Or/and mentally and physically temper tantums with his wife. Just a thought, that his family may be afraid of him.

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