Y&R Friday CDN Recap 04/04, Monday US Show

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Re: Y&R Friday CDN Recap 04/04, Monday US Show

Postby savytabby » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:27 pm

I can't wait to see Sharon and Chelsea's scenes. I really hope they forge some type of friendship. I also wonder with the ECT if Sharon will even remember that Adam is/was presumed dead. Considering her virtual non-reaction to his "death" before, it'll be interesting to see it this time -- especially since the mags have reported that Sharon's sadness over a death jeopardizes her reunion with Nick. Let's face it, what else could it be? As both a Shick and Shadam fan (more so Shick; Nick is my first choice for Sharon, Adam second, Dylan third, anyway I digress), I hope it doesn't cause too much friction between them and I hope Sharon and Chelsea become friendlier. After all, Sharon needs some female friends, as does Chelsea, especially since Chloe is on her way out.

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