What is up with Victor- why does he despise Sharon

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Re: What is up with Victor- why does he despise Sharon

Postby kyun » Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:21 pm

Quote marshal:
Quote valleycliffe:
Quote villyforever55:
Quote Little_Debbie:
Quote zoltan: There is a lot of bad history between Sharon and Victor over the past couple of years. It seems Chelsea may take Sharon's place as Victor's favorite non blood relative.

Lol, yes, even though she can see through Victor, she's still being groomed for that favored position.

Gee! Lucky her. How much does that mean, in the long run? This is the same man who had his own daughter arrested because she was marrying a man he didn'tP like. I wish Chelsea luck!

well, chels will need it cause it seems she has become the stupidest con that ever conned...she will now see how it's done by the master himself...

You have this right Chels is not a bright start. Adam will have to deal with her mess when he returns. :D

Unless Victor makes a move to get the baby before Adam comes back, when Adam comes back I see Chelsea as doing all she can to try convincing Adam to be close with his father and be one big happy family. I saw no real sadness in Victor after he thought Adam was dead and he even referred to him as a murderer with the knowledge that Adam did not mean to hurt Delia and did not know he had. I really hope that Adam's return will not be about becoming close with Victor. He didn't start looking for Adam out of a deep emotional need, but I can picture Chelsea trying to portray things that way.

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