YR40 Ratings Dipped Slightly for Feb. 10-14, 2014

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Re: YR40 Ratings Dipped Slightly for Feb. 10-14, 2014

Postby shalaydra75 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:45 pm

Quote lvsdasnow:
Quote shalaydra75: [quote]Quote On a Clear Day: [quote]Quote shalaydra75: [quote]Quote [b].

Are you part of the Y&R Staff? You appear to be very knowledgeable of the show and its Charactor's.

No! I wish I was in the businesses. I am a wife/mom/working professional woman who, before the cancellation of my favorite soap GL, and the downward spiral of Y&R, never looked at ratings or even knew the name of actors who played characters. As an avid soap fan, I wondered why the genre was deteriorating so quickly. When I looked at the boards, I noticed that some posters and a few soap critics were advocating on behalf of certain actors and denouncing other actors. They were claiming that Y&R could increase its ratings if TPTB fired some actors and increased the airtime of certain actors. The statements of certain posters and biased soap critics encouraged me to look up ratings for myself. When I did, I discovered that they were espousing falsehoods. Although I am busy, I feel that soaps will only be saved if regular women start posting. That is why I look up facts and post on message boards.

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Re: YR40 Ratings Dipped Slightly for Feb. 10-14, 2014

Postby Kelly777 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:48 pm

Quote MsSuperSuds: Even with a diverse cast, I am at a point with Y&R that I cannot feel the characters anymore. Too many plot points w/o the human element driving the action. Y&R has always been a character-driven show and we got to know, see and understand a characters motivations for acting in a specific way. That is now missing from this soap. The writing for the characters does not make the character pop (interesting)! The writing has made characters bland, boring participants in whatever is happening on screen. A Case in point is TP's show, The Haves & Havenots. That show is definitely character-driven to the point that you either like, dislike, empathize/sympathize with, love and/or hate each of the characters. Not so with the characters on Y&R. Most look like they are just going thru the motions of trying to convince us that they are going thru some crises or misbehaving badly for a good cause. Its & they are not believable. These one-dimensional simpletons are boring me to tears. There are good moments for characters but not too many. Consequently, I cannot watch! I have no interest in watching daily. I watched the episodes w/ scenes from the gala b/c all the characters were visible & I could see them driving action.

I hate to see my last and only soap going down the drain this way. The ratings might be up but there is too much crap going on at one time and nothing specific. No stories! Just Plot points! Plot points! Plot points! And it looks all so contrived that every outcome is predictable. I am still holding out hope that things will get better on this soap once again and that the writers will stop hopping from one crises to another--Or from plot point to plot point--AND sit down, create imaginative fare, confer with each other, take care of the details and pen some credible character-driven stories that delight me again.

I do realize that since MAB backburnered or sidelined most of the cast that it is going to take a while to get all of them back on the screen again and working again. I still cannot get accustomed to these newbies (especially those from other soaps)parading on the frontburner as solid Y&R characters. Most are not working for me--especially when they are supposed to be leading characters. I find very little that I want to get excited about or discuss about this show & I see the same happening on message boards.

EXACTLY. Plot points are killing the soaps. And other shows.

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