Phack's lovechild & Shick's lovechild today @

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Re: Phack's lovechild & Shick's lovechild today @

Postby go2girl » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:04 pm

Quote volfan:
Quote go2girl:
Quote marshal: Summer is the demon seed that was created unwanted by Nick and how he and her mother cheated on another married woman. Wonder if this stunned girl know how her brother Daniel was created. :D

Well not exactly...Summer was created between Phyllis and the only man that ever truly loved her (warts & all): Jack. Then Jack delivered his Lil Sweetpea in the elevator. It is curious if Summer knows how Daniel was conceived and all the details around that. Poor thing would be even more disturbed than she already is if she knew.

Hey hey now don't talk about Jack's warts, warts or not he's a fine specimen of a man.

Noooo Jack doesn't have warts...Phyllis does, LOL!

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