Sharon/Nick/pod Cassie...Can Spoiler

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Re: Sharon/Nick/pod Cassie...Can Spoiler

Postby Damsel29 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:46 pm

Quote marshal: It was so true to life. Nick knows the hurt he's done to his once beautiful young family.

We don't hear the tramp talking about the hurt she caused when she was wanting Brad Carlton and not Nick do we? Or the hurt she caused when she left Nick's bed to run down to New Orleans to do his brother or when she bedded up Nick, Jack and Billy back to back and lied to Jack and said that she was knocked up by him? Or was she? We know that she fixes DNA test.

Oh, and we don't hear her being sorry at all for changing the DNA test that says that Nick is really Summer's dad and not Jack, or that she is the reason Phyllis fell down that stairwell. She ain't even sorry for burning down the Newman ranch house or using Adam to cover for what she did and trying to break up his marriage to Chelsea. She ain't sorry for almost tanking Newman Enterprises or tearing up those prenup papers or sending Abbey's horse off to be killed. Nope, this tramp ain't sorry for none of it.

She ain't sorry for lying to Nick that she was a virgin when she married him and she ain't sorry for leaving her little children to go do some guy in Colorado so that she could find herself. Nope, she ain't sorry. She ain't sorry for trying to do Victor right in front of Nick or even having Victor declared dead so that she could run his company into the ground, married to Tucker McCall. O

h, I am just getting started about what this trick ain't sorry for. She ain't sorry for nothing, but she is sorry, you bet, she is the sorriest female I have ever seen. She is pathetic sorry.

She is a fraud and a joke and she was never sorry for begging Brad Carlton to dump Vikki and the alter on her wedding day to go run off with her instead. Nope, she was never sorry for that either. She ain't never been sorry, not even for one day, for putting her mother in a wheelchair for the rest of her life or running off from the law and knocking down a police woman so that she could lie to her kids and make them think that she was dead for months and months or for sleeping with that vet she was living with in New Mexico and when he followed her back to GC, she dumped him to go do Victor. Nope, she ain't sorry for that either. She never looked back at Sam and he cared for her, that selfish witch! Nope, she wasn't sorry! Was she sorry that screwed Nick repeatedly and broke up his marriage to Phyllis and then after she did that she went to be with his brother instead???? Nope, she wasn't sorry for that either. She wasn't sorry for sleeping with her baby kidnapper, she was never sorry for being his beck and call girl and nope, she wasn't sorry take Nick's daughter away from him so that she could have a fantasy with him cause his brother dumped her out on the street curb. She wasn't sorry for lying to Nick that she had tried to talk to Faith about Avery when in fact she was coaching the child to break them up. Nope, she wasn't sorry for that either. This creep isn't sorry for nothing, but she is one sorry witch, that is for sure.

Oh, what is Nick sorry for? Breaking up his marriage to this tramp? Oh, really? What hurt? That is what makes Nick the chump of the century. She uses guilt and co-dependence on this idiot and he is nothing but a drooling basketweaver to fall for it.

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Re: Sharon/Nick/pod Cassie...Can Spoiler

Postby Damsel29 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:48 pm

Quote PixiePower:
Quote valleycliffe:
Quote rediculous: LOL, I keep waiting for valley to come into this thread..

you called? **blinking with a smile on my face****

sorry, meant to say something earlier but we drove all afternoon and now we are in's out 40th (45th not legal) anniversay so came to tin wis resort to celebrate...even drove thru a snow storm thru the alberni valley...

love love LOVE that the new writers remembered it was shicks is one day earlier than ours.. :D

wanted to watch the shick scenes but the husband has the olympics/news on so i will have to catch up later in the week on global....

I thought about you Valley when I saw Red's Shick spoiler!Just watched the show for US today and it was very sweet and such a nice break from all the tragedy and angst!
No Shick lovemaking scenes yet but I have a feeling it's gonna happen. ;) :)

Shick could always bring the warm fuzzy feelings and great family scenes!Then they could also keep it smoking hot when they wanted it that way! ;) Enjoy the show and your Anniversary!!!! :)

What she brings is lies, deceit and manipulation. There isn't anything warm or cozy or sweet about that. There is nothing smoking hot about keeping a child from her father and lying to his face.

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