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Re: Y&R Adam Recast Poll

Postby Lady53 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:00 pm

Quote bukopandan:
Quote Lady53:
Quote xseannax: [quote]Quote MichaelMuhneyfan: Never heard of Dlan Bruce or Trevor St John. So I googled both. Trevor St John, in my opinion looks too soft to play a role of Adams depth.
Dylan Bruce certainly has the looks if he can act. Aw, but only Muhney is Adam!

It has been said, the original Adam left the show voluntarily because he would not play the role of a gay male. Don't know. He was good but TPTB may not ask him back.

You should really try to see if you can dig up some TSJ scenes from OLTL. Some of the things Todd did makes Adam look like a boyscout. He would actually have to soften a bit to play the recent incarnation of Adam.

ICAM...But soften he could very well do and also have to add to that if people thought MM had the smirks and facial expressions that could say many things without a word they haven't seen anything until they see TSJ in action.
He is a very multi-layered actor.

I watched him in an interview (Lisa Rinna was one of the show hosts) and in that interview I saw much more Adam than in other pics and clips where he played Todd. So, yeah, I see potential. I think I'll always see MM as Adam, but I'm open to any decent recast of any soap character.[/quote]

Same here except I'm having a hard time accepting DT as Billy. But then I believe it is always better to have the previous actor leave the canvas for a while, even if having them gone for say a month before introducing the recast. It just flows a lot better for me at least.
But it also might have to do with the fact that to me DT still looks like he is in his early 20s and not old enough to have lived the life Billy has with an 8 almost 9 year old daughter.
But I also believe that Villy is headed for splitsville eventually("rumors" are that Kelly ends up pregnant) so I guess I can put up with it for now. :D

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