billy/adam/delia story line

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Re: billy/adam/delia story line

Postby Damsel29 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:27 pm

This Billy/Adam story is one of the strangest stories I have seen on this show is a while. The show is poorly written but this stuff is just strange.

How can Billy be walking free when they don't even know if Adam is dead or alive. Isn't anybody looking for Adam's body? Do they even know that Billy held Adam at gunpoint for three days before he drove him off a revine???????Does Victor even care to give his son some kind of memorial, even if he and Chelsea and little Connor are the only ones there???? What I find so strange is that Billy isn't in jail for what he did to Adam.

Again, I am wondering if the show just decided to treat the Adam thing that he is gone and that is that? Instead they change the story to Billy telling Vikki he slept with Kelly and that is the big deal on the show instead of Billy going to jail for what he did to Adam?

Like I said, this is bad writing,for sure, but this makes no sense at all. I just don't see how finding out Billy slept with Kelly trumping the fact that Billy might have killed Adam after he held him at gunpoint for 3 whole days. What the heck kind of stuff is this??????

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Re: billy/adam/delia story line

Postby writer2 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:31 pm

Quote Suzy R: Yes when is the body laying in the snow going to be addressed. Hate when the S/L gets put on the back burner and not even spoken of for weeks. Can't these writers handle more then one S/L at a time that they have to keep them going for so long. Hate being in limbo when a interesting S/L comes into play.

Also lets get rid of some of these useless characters off the show. Did we really need Colin The Criminal to come back? Wommack, mobster hours fresh out of jail to come steal diamonds out of a doll. Really! What about Molester Ian Ward. Why repeat that S/L all over again. Kelly blah S/L.

Lets Finish off all the stories that have been in limbo for months, and get a resolution...Please!!!

I SO agree with you!!!

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Re: billy/adam/delia story line

Postby canukfan » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:15 am

Billy getting arrested for kidnapping and possibly killing Adam is the one thing I have been waiting for. I just don't get it. I don't know anywhere that you can hold a person at gunpoint and take them driving around and no questions by the police. The police do know that Billy did this also. Very poor writing for sure.

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