One of these things just doesn't belong here...Characters who just don't fit in

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Re: One of these things just doesn't belong here...Characters who just don't fit in

Postby SouthernLady » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:03 pm

I care about adrian..he is the only reason i watch y/r at all....

i hope he will get w/Victoria when the actress gets back from maternity leave..why else would they have placed adrian and her trapped together and that bedside scene....

however if AL did return...she needs to fight for her man...

now who I want off..amber...and TJ...they are boring...
also Paul is boring....Neil is boring....Devon is boring...
Daniel is boring....the whole Fisher/Baldwin gang is boring because they do the same old/same old....same goes for that quad of jack/sharon/phyllis/nick....boring...and that twerp noah...double boring......and faux colleen is not only boring but horrible

there are so many boring characters on Y/R now.....

so really...Y/R ..imo ..the whole show is boring....

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Re: One of these things just doesn't belong here...Characters who just don't fit in

Postby Soulsistah » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:11 pm

Quote BacktoYNR:
Quote Soulsistah:
Quote BabygirlAH:
Quote Soulsistah:
Quote aden85:
Quote bubble303: "Naughty" Proffessor Adrian "Kornbell" Snore-Bell :-) :-) :-)

Ohhh I forgot about Snorebell as well!!

Yeah, how could I forget about Professor Tweeb Korbel? He needs to be so gone. All he's good for now is hanging out with teeny-boppers Colleen and Lily ~) Put the man out of his misery already and send him on his way.

Now that AL is gone, I don't care if Korbel stays or goes. I don't hate him, I'm just not interested in his character right now. They dragged his storyline out too long, so I lost interest.

I get your point Baby...while I never liked Adrian, I feel for the Cadrian fans (with OldNu Colleen) because it just proves again that LML and her crew are even able to take a character that has a fan base (Adrian) and kill any interest in the character due to lack of creativity. :( >(

Soulsistah, that's it completely. No one has mentioned JT and Victoria. Do I wish them gone? No, but I don't know how long I can stand this vigil around the bedside. Characters stink or don't stink because of the S/L that are written for them. I think the current writing is mostly pointless with little resolution.

Thanks - you've just brought up two excellent examples of characters that people (a lot at one point) used to care about: JT and Victoria.

I remember when JT was with old Colleen, then Mac, and even with new Colleen he had a lot more viewer interest - I liked him with Mac and Colleen (not nuColleen though). And Victoria, well everyone remembers the spunky, feisty Victoria from when she came back from boarding school and that's who she was all these years, especially with HT playing the role. That's not the Victoria we have now, and haven't seen in some time - due to horrendous writing, not AH acting. Two characters I used enjoy watching that I couldn't give two rats about now - never mind this silly bedside vigil for her after getting bumped on the head by a pebble-sized rock! ~) Way to go LML :0

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