Spoiler - Adam and Billy

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Re: Spoiler - Adam and Billy

Postby nikkiwtb » Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:46 pm

Quote taramartin: Read that Billy will confront Adam as Delia's killer. They are in a car together - there is a struggle and they go off a cliff. When Billy gets out of the car he is now David Tom. Adam doesn't surface. Is he dead? Did he run away so he won't be arrested? Is he wandering around with no memory? Open ended so a recast is possible.

Where did you read this?

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Re: Spoiler - Adam and Billy

Postby hubbardfan » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:57 pm

It appears that Adam says 'goodbye' to Connor @the house and writes a 'goodbye' letter to Chelsea and is headed to the police station to turn himself in, BUT...Billy shows up @the door before he can leave and that's how they end up in a car; they go to DeeDee's gravesite and that's why there's a pix of Adam on his knees w/Billy holding the gun on him. I guess after that, they're headed somewhere and fight over the gun...

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Re: Spoiler - Adam and Billy

Postby ericlizafan » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:09 pm

Adam will either come back with amnesia, or after having plastic surgery. I don't think Chelsea will be involved with anyone, she will be grieving thinking Adam is dead.

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Re: Spoiler - Adam and Billy

Postby lvsdasnow » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:08 pm

Quote Joy T: Here is my prediction: Adam was either seriously burned or facially scared from the accident. He manages to getaway where he will escape to another country, have plastic surgery and come back to GC as an imposter!

He will have a new name and new face and will want to make friends with Chelsea so he can be near Conner. I still don't think he is the REAL hit and run driver and after a long and drawn out imposter s/l, the truth will be revealed that Adam wasn't the driver after all and Adam can come out. In the meantime, the writers may let Chelsea and Jack get together b/c of Conner or they may put Chelsea with the nu-Billy.

It's OLD soap opera writing but don't be surprised if he comes back as imposter. The better imposter would be Phyllis! :)

I also believe Adam didn't hit Delia. I have this deep gut feeling that Dash will be the one to show who the killer was. Dash was running away from the scene so I feel he was looking for someone to help. Only Dash is the one that can tell which car it was.
Somehow, I just feel something like that will happen. Crossing my fingers anyways that Adam didn't do it. Never liked Adam but just don't think he did it.

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Re: Spoiler - Adam and Billy

Postby Axl Rose » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:14 pm

But if Billy and Adam are in the car and it goes over the cliff I can see Billy coming out of the wreckage but if Adam doesn't come out of the wreckage I can see them going on with the fact that Adam is presumed dead and that Adam after this accident will end up disfigured because of what Billy has done to him and Adam ends up with plastic surgery done to his face and when Adam returns he returns with a new face and he comes back under a new alias

Similar to One Life to Live when Todd Manning was left beaten in Victor Lord's crypt left to die and his face was so badly beaten that he ended up getting plastic surgery and then Todd came back with a new face, well it was Todd's twin brother Victor Lord Jr.

I can see Y & R doing what OLTL did with a "Two Adams" storyline eventually

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