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Postby sweetangel. » Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:34 am

I found this a very interesting about all of us soap fans.

Five Signs That You Are A Psycho Soap Fan

by Sara Bibel

1. You tweet mean, personal things to an actor that you would never dare say to any other stranger.

If you have ever tweeted 140 characters of bile to a soap star, you are a psycho fan.

2. You think that interacting with an actor on social media or at a fan event constitutes a genuine relationship.

When they met him at a fan event, he seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say. He even gave them a hug! Plus, he shares everything online. If you know what someone ate for lunch yesterday, then you really know them! Actors in all mediums have learned to carefully craft their social media images so that they give the illusion of intimate glimpses into their private lives. It works. When you feel like you know someone, you'll tune in when they guest star on a primetime show. The stars can point to their tens of thousands of Twitter followers as a sign of their popularity when it comes time to renegotiate their contracts. But sometimes it goes too far a psycho fan.

3. You think that soap operas are run like B613 on "Scandal."

4. You get into serious fights with fans whose opinions differ from yours.

There are a lot of soap characters and couples that I hate with a burning passion. But numerous other fans love them. That's okay! It's just fiction. We all have different tastes, and the nature of soap storytelling means that there is not always a clear good guy or bad guy in a given scenario. If you feel the need to tweet insults at anyone who publicly despises your favorite character, or if you approach shipping your favorite pairing in a love triangle like a turf battle between the Crips and the Bloods circa 1993, you are a psycho fan.

5. You are convinced that a show's writers and producers make major decisions based on the reactions of Twitter.

Producers have learned that actor departures don't really impact the ratings. In fact, the crazier fans get the more likely their opinions are to be ignored. If you think you have a showrunner quaking in his or her boots because you tweeted that you were going to stop watching, you are a psycho fan.

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