Billy and Kelly

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Re: Billy and Kelly

Postby SilverQueen » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:51 am

I was wondering what the deal was between Kelly and Stitch and I was thinking maybe Kelly and Stitch were married and are now going through nasty divorce. They act like it. Where did the other wife come from? I'm thinking the ex is Kelly. It doesn't make sense that Kelly killed her own son and Stitch being doctor who couldn't save Sam or that Kelly's the one who hit and killed Delia. It's supposed to be a man people are saying. Are these true spoilers or trolls? Or is it for real? I don't see Kelly as a homewrecker and I don't think she meant to sleep with Billy, it just happened like they said. She seems truly remorseful for going to bed with Billy and couldn't even face up to Victoria when invited to dinner. She really feels bad and like Billy doesn't want it to ever happen again. I had feeling those two would end up sleeping together as close as they were trying to comfort each other over the deaths of both their children. What would Kelly gain busting out what her and Billy did to Victoria? I believe it wasn't planned. They both going through a really bad time. That's all there is to it. :| :]

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Re: Billy and Kelly

Postby Sinny » Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:13 pm

Quote sharon n nick 4eva:
Quote Supercouplevilly:
Quote Layngel: When Kelly was at dinner at Billy and Victoria's house I believe she whispered "When we had sex" to Billy when they were discussing it. Victoria was getting snacks in the kitchen with Stitch. So I think they had sex but I could be wrong.

I think they changed the editing, so they could leave open, and turn around and say Billy stopped, if they decide to.

"When we had sex" means "when we had sex" so they had sex.

LMAO I always though when we had sex meant when we had sex.. they had sex..

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