The expert at keeping secrets is VICTOR!

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The expert at keeping secrets is VICTOR!

Postby FL senior fan » Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:55 pm

Just look at all the secrets that are surfacing that Victor is keeping from Nikki! I hate it when he was so down on her for keeping a secret, when its his way of daily living.

Wonder if he'll keep it a secret what he found out about the accident; letting the case be solved without his interference??

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Re: The expert at keeping secrets is VICTOR!

Postby Savoy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:18 pm

No way, Victor is to manipulative to leave things to chance. It's ok for Victor to keep secrets, it's his world, Victor expects everyone else has to tow the line in telling Victor everything that goes on with them or else there's dire consequences for them.

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Re: The expert at keeping secrets is VICTOR!

Postby moonjewel » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:19 pm

Talk about double standards! When he does it it is of 'love and concern" - if it is a family member or one upmanship if it is Jack or someone else in a business capacity.If anyone else does it, they are liars and worse.

Now he is going to blackmail Adam? Adam did stop and get out and look around when he thought he had hit the little dog - and you could see he was relieved when the dog ran off. I wish Adam would turn him in for attempted blackmail!

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