The music box Ms Chancellor left Jill

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Re: The music box Ms Chancellor left Jill

Postby RiRi_80 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:41 pm

Quote RiRi_80:
Quote hoping for better: I think the music box will lead to Jill's real mother.
The only thing JILL has always wanted is stature and to be somebody. Katherine was involved with her birth and was traveling in a high class circle. I think she will be born from wealth or perhaps with a title. I wish they would finally tie this up!!!

The music box sl is becoming boring. I can think of 3 reasons why Kay left it for Jill.
1. She was Jill's real mother.
2. 10 25 is a clue maybe the address of CI.
3. There is a secret compartment in the music box containing a will leaving CI to Jill.

I have said 10-25 meant something along with the music.I think it would lead Jill to a wILL saying she owns C.I. that would be awesome to take it away from Victor.????? Is if it turns out she own C.I will she own Newman as well since Victor merger them.

Yup that would be great if Jill can take CI from Victor. Then Jill will own CI, NE & Fenmore"s? Hmmmmm......These sl always turn out different than we Adam's last air date will be Jan 30th...does this mean he will be arrested for Delia's death? The 2 reasons I watch Y&R are Billy and Adam, don't think I will be a Y&R viewer for much longer ;(

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