Dollhouse scene with Faith was dumb

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Re: Dollhouse scene with Faith was dumb

Postby Ethelmae02 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:33 pm

Quote janetb:
Quote Pretty Emerald:
Quote Barbyboo:
Quote APRIL JOY: I thought it was sweet telling her they were helpers.Faith is young and should still believe in for cheap does it really matter how much it cost.maybe they are teaching her that no matter how much money you have you don't have to buy the most expensive thing.

Please nicks so cheap he lives in a shack, he's got millions the doll house was l cheapo

If dummy Nick hadn't acted like a horse's ass....Faith would have had a beautiful dollhouse from Dylan! Dylan would have made her something gorgeous and made with love. Instead, she got some cheap, thrown together at the last minute piece of crap from MeatHead Nick the idiotic caveman! ~)

Nick is such an idiot. He shows up at Sharon's with the dollhouse not knowing if Faith is there. Then he thought it was okay to say Santa left it in the box and he'd put it together some other time. She could have had a beautiful one made by Dylan, someone who cares about her. Nick, in true Newman fashion, couldn't allow that because his hatred of Dylan was more important than Faith being happy.

These scenes are boring and stupid. Trips down memory lane are just another way for Sharon to promote her plan for getting Nick back. Too much has happened for them to be together again.
you're right! too much has happened for them to pretend it never happened. Seems all they do is live in the past and not the present. Boring! they have nothing new to bring to the table at all. Just harp on Cassie this Cassie that. Well Sharin didnt bother to listen to ghostcassie's advise the last time where she suggested she come clean did she? so why keep harping on her?

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