Who do you think is the love of Adam's life?

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Mrs. Sharon Newman
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Re: Who do you think is the love of Adam's life?

Postby Mrs. Sharon Newman » Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:42 am

Sharon, without a doubt.

But I guess this question all depends on what your definition of " love of your life" is

Sometimes, almost all the time actually.....you don't end up with the love of your life and you have no choice but to move on and find a new love. I don't doubt Adams love for Chelsea. I may not be a fan of it or agree with it but I doubt it. Adam can be perfectly happy with Chelsea and have the family he has always wanted.

But watching Sharon and Adam's story develop, grow and change. Watching them go through the good and bad times, the love and the hate, both equally deep and passionate emotions. They fought so hard and went through so many obstacles for their love.....and unfortunately it was too much and it didn't work out. Its happens.

Despite everything, When Asked, who is the love of Adams life.....Sharon pops in my head.

But hey, its a soaps and and the love of a character life changes with s/l :-)

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Re: Who do you think is the love of Adam's life?

Postby lilpiggy » Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:30 pm

Adam is the love of Adam's life.... >)

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Re: Who do you think is the love of Adam's life?

Postby BigBluePlate » Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:35 pm

Adam had four relationships to speak of: Skye, Heather, Sharon and Chelsea. I agree that Skye was probably his best match as she always put him in his place. Old Adam under CE supposedly loved Heather, but I always felt it was a love of convenience as he knew she could get him out of trouble as the assistant D.A. Then he met Sharon and fell head over heels in love with her. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial or simply didn't watch because they didn't like the fact that Sharon fell deeply in love with her child's kidnapper. But that's what made the story so fantastic. Totally improbable, but MM and SC made it work, in spite of the odds. They were the epitome of star-crossed lovers. They had been through so much, Shadam fans like myself felt we were owed a happy ending, even if temporarily. Alas, TP had other ideas. Now Adam loves Chelsea, but there's no doubt the love is different--less intense and passionate imo, but of course Chadam fans feel otherwise. If you go to the heart of the character of Adam, he has ALWAYS wanted a family. When he didn't get Victor's love or respect, he wreaked all sorts of havoc on the Newmans. When he was with Sharon and Faith, he told Sharon that if a genie came down and offered him everything, he'd tell him to take a hike as he was so happy. So when Chelsea came into the picture and they shared their common con pasts, they formed a bond. When she got pregnant, Adam was ecstatic, but he still couldn't let Sharon go. So when Sharon needed help, Adam helped her. His was torn between the two for a while until Chelsea lost their baby and their marriage fell apart because he was unable to share his feelings with Chelsea (but he did with Sharon). When the new writing team came in they decided that the Shadam relationship was all about sex, hence the FWB fiasco. Chels moved on with Dylan until her paternity lie was finally exposed. Now Adam finally has the family he's always wanted, but he's still skeptical of Chels' feelings and whether he's entitled to this sort of happiness. He knows its temporary, as nothing ever works out for him in the end. So to answer the question as to who the love of his life is, I would say initially Victor, followed by Sharon, as she helped him to be on the path he is currently on to be a better person. The problem with Adam's "redemption" is that if he had really turned a corner he would have come forward right away after he thought he hit Delia. It was an accident and no charges would have been filed. But because he reverted to "protect Adam" mold by destroying evidence and hiding the truth, he's going down. And there is no one who can save him this time. Adam thinks he did all of this so he could be Connor's father, but if he really wanted to be the father Connor could be proud of, he should have come forward.

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