Muhney being fired was "pre meditated"!!!!

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Re: Muhney being fired was

Postby lynj » Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:46 am

By Homesick Cajun
He could deny it till the cows come home, but thanks in no small part to some of his former co-stars he's in an almost impossible situation. This smear campaign has been highly successful. A lot of people have their minds made up. If he comes forward now and issues a statement of denial, those that already believe he's capable of doing what the rumor implies, will simply dismiss it and say he's lying. He's truly in a no win situation now, thanks again to some of his former cast mates. I hope he sits back and lets them continue to make themselves look bad. They're doing a bang up job of that.

How did this rumor get so far, when it started on an MM hate thread on another forum, and was posted by someone new there and anonymous? All they have said on Twitter is that he did something out of line. Nobody in the cast or real media has said anything about harassment.

He probably thinks it's not even worth dignifying with a comment. You can argue another point of view, if you were in the same situation. Anyway... I'm upset because this was once my favorite show and this is probably the last straw for me, after many years viewing. I guess I need to get over it and move on to something else. But as a fan I feel very let down.

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