Michael Muhney -- Tea is Spilled (the Reason)

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Re: Michael Muhney -- Tea is Spilled (the Reason)

Postby Laduree » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:09 pm

Quote calliope:
Quote ecantor: MM was fired abruptly and everyone from the show is saying there is more to the story which they couldn't talk about. So yes I believe it's very possible.

We don't know what happened but how can you buy into a post by someone who has never been on this board before this? And is posting the same stuff on different threads under different avis?

This person is also posting on other boards. We are lied to on a daily basis by the actual so-called media in this country, but we're to accept without question, the word of someone spamming the threads with unproven, and unsubstantiated trash?! I don't think so. Gonna need proof.

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Re: Michael Muhney -- Tea is Spilled (the Reason)

Postby Kelly777 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:23 pm


This picture really disputes the OP's dismissal story! Sorry just had to do it. Why would the victim be in the same house partying with her abuser? Right, she wouldn't!

BTW, Sharon Case said this party was last night.

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Re: Michael Muhney -- Tea is Spilled (the Reason)

Postby Laloni » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:24 pm

Quote mmtea: Michael Muhney Tea

A very reliable source told me that Muhney was sexually harassing Hunter King, who plays Summer. He fondled her breasts once and did it again when they were hanging out with the actor who plays Fenn. King wasn't having it and neither was SONY. She is of age (19) but he's 38 and married! Apparently she went to the higher ups and he was dismissed.

JFP is NOT the villain in this- she actually did fight for him to say (and perhaps settle the dispute within the cast) but SONY insisted he be let go, likely to avoid a possible lawsuit and terrible publicity.

Which makes the interview that Muhney gave all the more disgusting.

I believe there was a Blind Item about this in SOD not long ago, and I almost wonder if Branco's BI was about this as well.

Anyhow, that's the 411 on why he was let go- hence DD and Logan saying there was more to the story and Giddens keeping quiet. They're all in the know. Why else would Daytime Confidential not have put out an outraged story, as much as they diss JFP's Y&R?

This makes me even MORE disgusted by Branco- you'd think he has the whole story, though maybe all of the reliable sources know better than to tell him anything.

I do not believe this for one minute. Do you really think the powers that be would let all the support for Adam go on if this really happened. They have a lot to lose so don't try to tell me the only thing they did was fire Adam. NO, your source is barking up the wrong tree and if you continue to repeat this, you may find yourself in court because I am sure Adam will sue.Aren't you one of the people who ask us to please wait until we got the whole story, I think so but here you are repeating gossip.

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