What will happen when Phyllis wakes up?

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Re: What will happen when Phyllis wakes up?

Postby Savoy » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:49 am

Quote YR2013:
Quote Blue 501:
Quote pgl35:
Quote 1Elvis:
Quote Sinny:
Quote pgl35:
Quote YR2013:
Quote pgl35: Do you think she will go to Jack , Nick and Summer and tell them what Sharon has done, or do you think she will confront Sharon first and give Sharon the chance to come clean on her own and do the right thing?

8) What Phyllis are you talking about :D not the Phyllis I know and love. :-) She's going to confront Sharon, make her quiver with fear, and then buy back "useless pile" and print it for the world to know what Sharon did to her "family" :D That's how Phyllis roll. :-)

No, with all jokes aside, I think if she comes out of it, she won't remember at first, but then slowly she will and it will probably be when Sharon and Nick is about to be married(IF they get that far) then she'll blurt out the news when they ask if anyone has anything to say. :D

I would love if the news would come out just as Sharon is ready to say I do , she would freak out for sure!

That is when I want it to come out.. I also hope Phyllis goes and confronts that nasty witch.

There is not one person living that is nastier than that bug eye Phyllis is. Anyone spread on top of a nasty stinky dumpster like Bug eyes did with Deacon is the tops.

I don't know, picking up strangers in a bar and doing 2 families of brothers is way nastier IMO. You can wash off the stink of a dumpster but you can't wash off 2 families of brothers and strange men. :)

Trash is trash and no one trashier than Deacon Sharpe.

Lawd, not only was he trash, he did her on the trash can too. It doesn't get trashier than that. :-)

:-) :-) :-) True, Deacon took her where she found him in the alley on the dumpster.

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