Day by Day spoilers for wk of 10/29/07

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Day by Day spoilers for wk of 10/29/07

Postby yrkayfan » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:29 pm


Phyllis says she will be on her best behavior for her work release and off she goes.
Cane blames himself for what happened at CS.
Victor seeks advice about Victoria from an medical expert.

Amber goes to see Katherine.
Phyllis reads what Jack wrote to Sharon.
JT & Nikki find out more about Victoria.
JT & Katherine might feel the wrath of Victor.

Someone keeps telling info - Jack & Victor point their fingers at Det. Sullivan.
Jack is thinking about leaving the Senate.
Jack, Sharon, Nick, Nikki, & Noah may go trick-or-treating.
Victor talks to God about his oldest daughter.

Paul is the subject of Lauren's bad dream!
Paul thinks it's time to tell Heather he is her daddy.
Kevin is the third wheel with Gloria & Jeff.
Maggie question Jill if she is the blabbermouth.

Jana gets to see Kevin & Gloria.
Victor learns from Paul some info on CS and wants to seek, find and get vengeance on whoever is at fault!
Phyllis is playing detective with Reverend Anderson about her former father in law.

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