Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

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Lady Strawberry
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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby Lady Strawberry » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:27 pm

I am sure Dylan is Nikki's son I just for the life of me do not understand why it even matters. What will this bring to the soap?

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby Lady53 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:36 pm

Quote grammapam:
Quote Lady53:
Quote grammapam:
Quote Yale Steam: Why is this is an issue. The executive producer has said that it's Dylan not Stitch and that it was not going to change.

Why is it when the actors and/or the producers tells us what is some of you still insist or question just the opposite?

First it's Summer paternity and now it's Nikk,Dylan and Stitch. What is the deal?!! Geez!!
The 'deal' is simple,YS......NOWHERE,on the show,did we see Nikki get told that he was her Son.Like I said in my previous post,not everyone that watches this show,reads these boards.There are millions of viewers out there,that will be confused about who the REAL Son is.We are lucky...we are in here,reading what diff people post,they are not privy to that.
This is an insult to the faithful viewers that have watched since the get-go,to just sumize that he's the real Son,without every been told or seen on the screen.
This s/l is so stupid,imo..we really don't know for sure.
Personally I don't care WHO turns out to be her Son,but now that we know that the Actor who plays Stitch,has signed a contract,Im still leaning toward him.

GP it would make for more drama if it be Stitch and they have Stitch and Sharon become involved then Nikki find out it is really Stitch. Talk about stress and her MS....heck she might have a heart attack :-)
First of all,Lady,love your avi!!
I stand by my post nomatter what Im told about JFP,lol!!

Thanks about my avi...it's how I truly feel...hoping one day the whole US will be this way...slowly but surely...one state at a time...soon a take over ha ha

I agree but with JFP who knows what she will do in the end. Only one thing we can be absolutely sure of and that is she will do whatever she and HE thinks is best for SB her golden boy (not necessarily his character), so most likely that is connecting him to the iconic family of GC now, the Newmans

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby alanadz » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:59 am

I guess the writers at Y&R didn't get the memo.

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby greylie » Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:49 pm

I thought so myself when I saw that Nicki just got along so well with the dr and I like him a lot better than Dylan..it will be interesting to see.... we need more interesting stories... and not too drawn out..get that good looking dr..

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby Savoy » Sun Nov 24, 2013 6:32 pm

It would be a good twist if Dylan and Stitch were fraternal twins separated at birth, that would really rock the family to the core having two new siblings.

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby flyvicki » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:33 pm

I never got how it came to be that Dylan is her son. I thought I remember them saying something about him being a doctor, and how is she so sure without doing a DNA test. I think she should tell them so far all the evidence points to Dylan but they need to do a test to make sure. And Victor has no room to judge since he abandoned Adam even if it was Hope's decision.

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Re: Dylan is NOT Niki's son!!!

Postby Sinny » Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:50 am

I hate when they rewrite history.. especially for such a lame story.. anything to tie phelps' pet to the core family.

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