Peanut's Name?

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Re: Peanut's Name?

Postby hopey pix » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:50 pm

How about Pecan Newman?(No different than Apple or other dumb celebrity kids' names)!!Hey I think pecan has some crunch to it!!HA!!HA!!

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Re: Peanut's Name?

Postby ajsp35801 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:22 pm

Quote runslikeagirl:
Quote ajsp35801:
Quote runslikeagirl:
Quote ajsp35801:
Quote hubbardfan: GMAB, calm down, and stop taking my words out of context! 8) I just think IF Chelsea had told the truth to begin with, they BOTH could have decided on a name for Peanut; NOWHERE did I say Adam had more right to name the baby than Chelsea...she and DYLAN came up w/that name; Adam was deprived of any input! This is a chance for them now to come up w/a name they both find acceptable; but I doubt that will happen now, since the writers have moved on past that. I'll think of him as AJ rather than Connor, whether they actually change his name or not! ~)

The easiest way to ensure that readers don't misunderstanding your meaning is to add context to it, which you did not do. Actually, you did. You take umbrage with Chelsea naming her own child. I could see if you had said it was a name dylan gave the baby. But you didn't. You said Chelsea. As if there is a problem with Chelsea naming her child. Input or no input from Adam, Chelsea has a right to name her kid. And Adam should not be dictating to her at this point in time what the child's name will be as if she doesn't matter, regardless of her lying. That is still her child.

Actually, I had no trouble understanding the meaning behind hubbardfan's post. I'm a huge Chelsea fan, but I think it's reprehensible that Chelsea suggested naming the baby after Dylan's father, knowing that Adam was the father. CHELSEA suggested it, Dylan liked and agreed to it, and ADAM had no say. Like he said, he has to live with the fact that his son is named after a man he never met.

Well, let that be Adam's penance. People have to live with alot of things that he did. This is his karma. Besides, just as Delia's eyes are "Connor's eyes", Dylans' father's name is now the baby's name. Same concept applies. He can't have it both ways.

I get people wanting Chelsea and Adam to have their perfect little family with no consequences...Chadam fans want them to have a clean slate and that is hard to do with the child's name still being Connor. Adam fans want him to be included in the child's naming. However, that is not how the world works, even on soaps. There are consequences to actions, residual feels of guilt or resentment. Adam and Chelsea are not immune. Didn't Delia bear that horrid name the imposter Cane gave her until the time of her death. Why would Connor be any different? What has Adam done to deserve that respite? Chelsea should have to explain that to the kid when he gets older.

As for understanding hubbardfan...I have no words because it sure came across as resenting that Chelsea named her child.

I'm not sure how resenting Chelsea translates into being a misogynist, though. But, I'm done trying to fight this battle. I'm out.

Heck, I resent her too. I actually dislike the character. But resenting Chelsea does not lend itself to her having to take backseat to Adam and his wishes. That idea comes from someone thinking that women are not a man's equal. That his wishes are more important. And yes, that is the root of misogyny.

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