Yo Victor Don't You Have An Empire To Run?

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Yo Victor Don't You Have An Empire To Run?

Postby AdamPhan » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:56 pm

Boy for a guy who has two huge companies on his hands thanks to Catherine the feeble (sorry but No One hands over a HUGE corporation to someone. Not Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, not Warren Buffet...that has got to be the most absurd handover since Trajan took over Massada) he sure has a lot of time on his hands to snarl at Billy who's STILL not right for his prized possession of a daughter or Dylan who's only crime was moping at Avery's door on her wedding day.

Newsflash, genius, he didn't do squat. Avery the kindhearted took a little too much time making sure Mr.I'll-go-off-the-deep-end-if-you-don't-talk-to-me didn't, indeed, go off the deep end.

But of course she's about two minutes late and for the love of God suddenly has no ability to dial either 911, the VA Hospital or her lunkhead of a fiancé.

I don't know about anyone else but if I suddenly found myself in charge of not one but TWO major multinational corporations, one of whom somehow had the suppliers wooed away because for some strange reason they magically produced the same goods (and if that's the case, any prudent capitalist would do what Jill feared and that's to sell off repetitive industries one by one until you're left with one gi-normous industry that has no duplication anywhere.

But, no, Victor just don's his little black leather mean bully jacket and goes about huffing and puffing and being all nasty and stuff. He's gone from merely tolerable to utterly detestable. Way to go writers. Maybe we'll be lucky and he'll be crushed by one of the 14 million pieces of space junk that seem to come crashing into our atmosphere every other day. With all that man-made debris circling the planet in slowly decaying orbits, surely the odds are in OUR favor here.

I give it until Easter be for he gets bonked by some wayward satellite part. But he'd probably get whatever parts he needed from the nearest available Abbott as they seem to always do in this loopy soap.

Meanwhile, Nick the clueless does his ice chest thing getting himself locked in his cooler with Ms Femme Fatale 1988, 1989, 1990...2013. Curious, all that time in the slammer with her Nickster and not once did the spectra from hell show up to egg her on. She could have been pregnant by the time Noah realized where mommy cheerless was.

So Noah's going into the family business. What a whizz. How on earth did Newman even make it with all the family idiots put in such high command? The only one who deservedly could run things was the one who Victor hated--Adam. Victoria is about as savvy as a loofa. Nick couldn't hack it and he can barely keep his bar afloat (although he seems to feel that Noah would be better off as a bartender under his thumb than some jr. titan under his dad's.

And what's the deal with Devon? Advice from Victor? Dad is right. Run away. Run so far that you can't see the mustache in your rear view mirror. In fact, go stay with your REAL dad, Tucker in NYC. You've got 2.5 Beelyun dollars, dude. Ain't no place to invest it out in Genoa City. Victor's just mean and nasty. He's a has been. And a total waste of air these days.

He browbeats his kids, he chastises his wife, he beats up and bullies everyone who crosses him. He's like a toothless old dog these days. All growl and no bite. The trouble is everyone around him is too stupid to realize it.

And Nikki....for God sakes, will you friggin pull the tissue wads out of your nose and TELL DYLAN or Victor or SOMEONE about your son! Stop dragging it out already. All that happens is seeing your dopey hubby get needlessly enraged at every encounter. And his future step-bro fly off the handle at every park encounter. You dumped it all on Avery and you can't seem to be able to make a decision (but then you never have, have you Nikki?) You just tear up and let the ones you supposedly love around you take their lumps because you don't have the cojones to woman up and tell Victor and others what the frack is going on here.

Meanwhile Jack Abbot's got his new crusade and project in the name of Hilary. Cane and Lily get worked up at every moment. The thing I can't figure out is why Cane is so bent out of shape at whether Hilary works for Jack. If I recall he's out of work because the Ozzie turned down Victor's offer. Lily is LIKEWISE out of work. She chose to take care of her twins. So what's the big deal here???? And he must be getting old and calcifying parts of his brain because suddenly he doesn't remember what a jerk he was when he came to town. The chick was angry. Now she's not. Get over it.

If you don't like Hilary, fine. Stay home, dress up in goofy batman outfits and play with your kids all day while downing caffeine at Crimson lights.

Enough already with the bravado and snarling.

Hilary was mean. And now she's not.

Adam did horrible things, stole a baby and he's repented (but now he's convinced he MUSt have run down Delia and OF COURSE, we all know that's not going to be the case the crafty writers on YnR will find some other shlub to pin it on.)

And Jill. NOW you're getting involved with Jack's desire to take down Victor (huzzah huzzah! FINALLY)? That's all nice but it's not your M-O to stay with anything very long. You are such a gold digging gadfly it's only a matter of time before you lose interest in work and decide to vanish from the show again to go off to Switzerland or whatever sipping your little martinis and chomping on olives till the cows come home. (She seems to do that a lot.)

What I don't understand is she told Victor that she's not working (which is partially true since even when she's working she really doesn't work.) But isn't she involved with Fenmores or did I miss that departure? Why does she keep saying she's out of work? I don't recall her having yet another tiff with her newfound sister Lauren???

Oh right...LAUREN Baldwin. Her sister. Why oh why hasn't this smokey voiced bimbo gone to the aid of her sister who's husband AND son are BOTH in jail for crimes NEITHER committed???? Well maybe Fenn since he DID buy drugs to carelessly get arrested selling.) Jill's worse than Esther when she couldn't be bothered to console Chloe. Are the pipes in the Chancellor home all made of lead????? What's with these people????

And what's with Michael's shiner. The longer he's on the 'other side' of the jail the more purple it gets. If it were any more purple he could be a former Soviet Premier. Note to make-up. Shiner's get LESS purple over time. Not purple-r.)


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Re: Yo Victor Don't You Have An Empire To Run?

Postby Barbyboo » Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:40 am

Why is Nicky looking drugged up all the time and she starting to shuffle like my grandma. What's her deal? Victor needs to retire let Adam run the whole show....Victoria writing ideas on a yellow pad what the ? Work she's got a kid or two wants another but wants to work a job that she's never home and already lost her first hubby and kid over....nicks a slouch who lives in a dump and owns another dump his sleezy bar....and is stupid to hang around with his looney x wife....Dylan's a robotic dull bore....Chloe's the most gradeing personality on the show....Kevin's a thief and robber..oh yea and mike and Farrah oh I did it again laureen love will make everything ok. Yea right? Billy's grieving and acting like a mad man...Tyler and Abby acting like 13 year olds in park...lily and cane two obnoxious characters will be back next week to have sex and we have to watch....and lesly and Avery work at a coffe house or restaurant why rent a office they are never there? Jill already owns have of Fenmore and a mansion but wants more at her age how much does she need? Sharon's a definite wackadoo big time. And ghosts how many....what a bunch of dysfunctional characters..

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