Surprise, Surprise????

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Re: Surprise, Surprise????

Postby chillepepper » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:12 am

Quote Laloni:
Quote Lanie1959: The most he hides the more i want him to get caught :D this drama queen doesn't know when to stop, if he ends up in jail I'm gonna laugh because he doesn't have anyone to blame but himself for this mess...maybe if we can Adam put away we might get to see how Chloe and Billy are coping instead of JFP's Adam newman show.

I am so tired of everyone on this Board acting like fools. I don't even get on here anymore because all of you are simply ridiculous. As far as Adam goes, get off his back. Just a few days ago everyone was upset because of Billy's long face now you are upset because he's not on the show enough, excuse me? I get tired of seeing Billy looking like a grumpy old man and I'm tired of Chloe crying all the time. Its just a show, let her and Billy grieve in silence. There is no pleasing anyone on this Board no wonder the writers ignore us, I don't blame them. One day you all pick on Billy, then its Dylan then its Sharon, then its Nicki and its always Adam, you all are nuttier than a fruit cake.

I guess you've forgotten what this MB is for ,why are you insulting other posters,you don't like them complaining about certain characters,don't read the MB then,that's what the MBs are for to give an opinion,no need to insult people for giving their opinions,just don't read them if it bothers you.I see that you seem to be an Adam fan,at least it reads in your post that way, I like Adam also,but there are days when I don't like him ,I like the actor Micheal who plays him. At times he can be funny,but he is a good actor . I also like Billy and Chloe ,and their portrayers .Let's just try to get along,and you're right it is a soap opera. I don't agree with all posters,so I don't always read a post I don't like.JMO

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