Everything Victor said to Sharon was TRUE!

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Re: Everything Victor said to Sharon was TRUE!

Postby Charlie Big » Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:51 pm

Quote 77RestlessFan:
Quote Charlie Big:
Quote YR2013:
Quote RobynH:
Quote cupkate: He called her out for the filth she is. Victor was on point!

Sharon did burn down the ranch. She's an arsonist. She did steal his company with her bed buddy Tucker McCall. She did give his family the ashes of dead dock worker and let them think he was dead when she knew all along he was alive because she was jealous of Genevieve!

Sharon did run off and abandon her children. First she left Cassie and Noah to have sex with Cameron Kirsten, and then she ran off again to Kansas letting Noah and Faith believe she died. She also put Adam ahead of Faith, time and again. If it wasn't for Victor bribing the Judge for her, Sharon would not have shared custody of Faith. Victor's money made it happen for her.

Victor is Victor but everything he said about Sharon was 100% true.

Whatever! Victor needs to deal with his own dirt vs. sling Sharon's around. That is like the pot calling the kettle black!

Exactly. She wasn't a bad mother in his eyes when she was involved with him and he ask her to marry her, only after she went off the rails and put his baby NE in jeopardy she's a bad mom/person. That sick SOB forgot all he's done. The devil has nothing on him and Sharon is an angel compared to him. ~) She should have torched the dang place when he was in it. >) Sort of like a two for one deal. Get rid of the dingy old dungeon and the ole arse in one shot. :D

To the contrary! Victor is where he is supposed to be and she was not invited there. This isn't about Victor and who he is. He is who he is and he is where he belongs, she is not. That is the point here. She is interloping where she is not wanted and does not belong. Victor is right to tell her so. If she were any kind of a woman at all, she would not be putting herself in this cheap position just to cram herself down the throats of people who can't stand her, don't respect her and basically just don't want her around. I have to ask myself what the heck is she doing? No self respecting would even be there to be put into the position of being told off by an ex-husband, father-in-law, who absolutely can't stand her. What is the payoff for being told off? If she didn't want thier power and money, how else could she put herself through such degredation. They know that, she don't. She is that stupid and that desperate not to let go of their power and money. What else would they think? Hanging on to thier dummy son is her only ticket and at that, she is still coming through the backdoor. Sharon keeps asking for it and therefore, she keeps getting it. I don't feel sorry for this idiot. She obviously likes the abuse as her price to pay for the money and security and stooping to the lowest common level any woman could go that low for. Sharon is an idiot. She might have BP but that is no excuse for what she is doing. She is just a lazy, sloppy pig. She can always expect Victor's wrath, if she wants to keep squatting there. She'll be lucky if he continues to let her.

Good point. Why would anyone keep hanging on that way unless she wanted something.

She wants back in and she is using the backdoor to get in. She is standing in front of Victor's face and degrading herself and she don't know it. That is how dumbwitted she really is. All she knows is how to screw for money and security and she is basically saying that as long as his son is stupid enough to still want her and defend her, she will continue to show like she is a real Newman, using her own children to do it and playing like Nick will protect her from Victor while she does it in his face.

This is a hard core trick. She is like a broad that does men in brothels. She is an equal opportunity screw. She knows no boundaries but she is determined to keep a grasp on that Newman bank account and she flat out don't care who knows it and/or what they think of her. Her ace is Victor's simple minded son.

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Re: Everything Victor said to Sharon was TRUE!

Postby lilpiggy » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:02 pm

Hey old Vic is not my favorite at times, but he was right on when he was talking to BobbleHead Sharon. Course she is so stupid that none of it sinks in. Meathead Nick is no better for sticking up for her. He is brain dead most of the time....... :D

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