Chelsea wearing stilettos holding Conner!!!

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Re: Chelsea wearing stilettos holding Conner!!!

Postby trinilisa » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:24 pm

Quote TwoOfEach:
Quote lilie:
Quote Licorice_423:
Quote hubbardfan:
Quote Licorice_423:
Quote hubbardfan: [quote Licorice:]She even apologized to Adam, told him what she did was wrong, and has seen that Connor needs him.

Licorice, that was the most back-handed apology (if you can call it that)ever! Actually, what she said was, she was wrong for not telling him, BUT if she had it to do over again, she'd do the same thing! Not what I'd call a very genuine apology! She's still sorry her plan backfired and she was 'forced' to confess, and that she lost Dylan! Yes, she now knows how loving Adam is to Peanut, but she still thinks SHE's the only one who can raise him...she really is an arrogant hypocrite and I dislike her immensely! I was ok w/her when they first got together, but no more...she's a whiner, liar, and con artist! I'm sorry Adam didn't tell her to feel free to leave, but don't expect to take my Peanut w/you! Yeah, yeah, he has legal issues right now, but when the smoke clears, if she gives him any flack about Peanut, I hope he takes her straight to court! She committed FRAUD! Even Dylan can testify to that!

When did she say she was the only one that could raise the baby? Considering Adam's past, he really has no room to act holier than thou with Chelsea. Adam never paid for his past crimes so why should Chelsea lose the baby over this? What she did was wrong. As a fan, I'm admitting that. Can you do the same? Or does Adam get his usual protective shield of "that's in the past and we need to get over it" or " Nick and Vicki were mean to baby brother so he was justified in what he did". Why is Adam given this coat of armor and Chelsea barely has a broomstick to fight back? Why does Adam's past get whitewashed and swept under the rug and Chelsea constantly dragged through the mud when she at least had the decency to apologize, something Adam has yet to do. Adam has never once showed remorse to anyone but Sharon for what happened, but Chelsea is just evil incarnate.

Licorice, some of your comments made me laugh, and not in a mean way! The 'Chelsea barely having a broomstick to fight back' is priceless! :) Now, although I'm a die-hard ADAM fan, I do know that he has done some awful things (before I was seriously into Y&R), and I was just as disgusted and irritated as other non-Adam fans when he burned the scarf and didn't run to the cops from the start! He doesn't get a complete free pass from me (just a partial one)! But the main reason Chelsea kept Adam in the dark about the baby to begin w/is b/c SHE seemed to feel that Adam was not 'capable' of being a good parent, and she was (on advice of her bff Chloe)! So, being the con that she is, she perpetrated this lie on gullible Dylan, and kept the real father from his child! They both represent the pot and the kettle and neither of them can call the other out! At least he's upfront w/his evil; she's sneaky w/hers, and I still don't think she feels like she's done anything wrong; she's just sorry it all WENT wrong!

Instead of "coat of armor" for Adam, I wanted to use the things (force shield or something like that) from Star Wars but I couldn't think of the term. Better not tell my husband that slip up lol

I don't see Adam as being totally up front just because of the Faith and Patty stuff. I don't believe he needs to go to jail because jail scenes are stupid and nobody on soaps go to jail. He has never owned up to those events. That is my main problem with Adam being protected and Chelsea being torn down. Whether she is sincere or not is debatable, but at least she came out and admitted to what she has done when it blew up. Adam hasn't done that. No one else was given that same satisfaction. He hasn't had to admit his wrongdoings. For me personally, that is my main issue with the character.

Well, she may have admitted that she wrong, but I would't hold my breath if I were you cause Chelsea is only a second away from her next Con ~) Just saying once a con always a con ~)

Which is why she and Adam are perfect with their own little baby Con. >)

Ita...go Chadcon!

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Re: Chelsea wearing stilettos holding Conner!!!

Postby TowerOfBabble » Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:33 pm

Quote ynrforevs:
Quote Sinny:
Quote lilie:
Quote ynrforevs: What an IDIOT! Let's strap on our highest heels and carry your son who just had major surgery around the house, up and down the stairs and all over town. SMH

Well, you have to remember who we're talking about here, a simple minded bimbo who happen to have NO fashion taste ~)

Who in the world would wear such a HIGH heels to carry a sweet little angel who just had surgery ~)

ChelsBORE , take note from my girl Sharon, someone who really knows about fashion and when to wear the appropriate shoes to carry one so young and delicate

Sharon actually miscarried a baby cuz of her high heels ;) tripped and fell over her clumsy heel wearing self. :D

ZING!! Point made. I wasn't saying she could NEVER wear heels, I'm saying that when your newborn child just gets done with a CORENA TRANSPLANT, maybe slip them off for a few days and not look like an unfit mother.

newborn child just gets done with a CORENA TRANSPLANT, maybe slip them off for a few days

If he had a leg operation, or arm or head...I would understand your concern, But a CORNEA OPERATION? If she was to slip and fall, do you thing he will fall on his eyes and the corneas will break? 8)

And I honestly can't see the benefits of waiting a few days...if she fell it won't matter if he is 2 weeks old or 2 weeks 6 days's all going to be the same outcome. :D

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Re: Chelsea wearing stilettos holding Conner!!!

Postby alanadz » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:04 pm

Tomorrow she is wearing a mini skirt! Arrest that woman!

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Re: Chelsea wearing stilettos holding Conner!!!

Postby YR2013 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:29 pm

Quote alanadz: Tomorrow she is wearing a mini skirt! Arrest that woman!

LOL, dispatch the whole police force if she's wearing those stilettos WITH her mini skirt :D

I watch Chels once in a while, I don't like her and think she's boring, but for anyone to find fault in her for wearing heels, wow 8)

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