Amazed at the Intricacy of the Stories 2006/2007

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Amazed at the Intricacy of the Stories 2006/2007

Postby Lee4748 » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:05 am

I have seen many mention that they lived through Cassie's death and the ensuing sadness left from this event. And I knew I had not been watching the soap at that time. I distinctly remembered starting up during the Carmen Mesta time. So I googled her name and Wikipedia had her story and the background information. She appeared in October 2006 and she was written out by murder in February 2007. The explanation for the short stint was that she had no chemistry with Neil Winters.

I remember that her story is what got me to continue with the show in the fall of 2006. I was watching AMC back then and it was as dull as dirt. And was immediately impressed with the quick scenes in various locations and the fast paced writing and interesting mysteries and ensuring interesting characters - Professor Korbel, Ji Min, David Chow, Sabrina, Murphy and his DIL. Their stories where intricately written into the canvas of GC. And they were totally believable. And up until this year it held my total attention since. This year has been the worse year for me. I am totally bored, hate the new characters, and hate the dull story lines, along with the long, drawn out conversations in ever scene. I am missing the interesting, crazy but exciting story lines of the past 7 years. Even Patty and Sheila were more interesting and exciting to me than Dullard Dylan and his new found connection to Nikki. And the death of innocent Delia and the dark, sad tone of the show. I never ever thought I would be saying this about Y&R.

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