Just a theory.....

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Just a theory.....

Postby Soapbaby71 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:45 pm

If Adam (main character) killed Delia, than the show has lost big time. But, if someone else killed Delia and Adam is thought to be the blame, a good s/l could be in the works. After everyone, but Chelsea turns on Adam, the truth is revealed. At least that what I am hoping anyways.

Summer will fall hard for the Abbott Family. Sure hope that crazy Sharon "dreamed" she changed the results. Am I the only one loving her with a REAL family?

Michael and Lauren jumped the gun. Someone from Carmine's past killed him. Maybe another woman he played or a relative of.

Needy Vicki finds comfort in another man's arms....her brother's! Only for Nicki to catch the 2 before they kiss.

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